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[Poland]Two-stage screw compressor with oil injection GR 110-200

Pressure: 13 to 20 bars
Technology: Two-stage screw compressors with oil injection GR 110-200
Capacity: 211 to 442 l/s, 447 to 937 feet/min
Engine power: 110 to 200 kW

Compressors series GR110-200 are two-stage screw compressors with oil injection, designed for using the air of a higher pressure in the scope from 13 to 20 bars.

With the two-stage construction, the low and high pressure sensors are located on the gearbox driven by an electric engine TEFC (protection IP-55, insulation class F), which guarantees the highest efficiency of work at higher pressures.

Developed for usage requiring the high pressure air, the new two-stage compressor GR has all the advantages of GA compressors. The full version is also available, which includes an in-built cooler drier. After installing an optional filter, the two-stage compressor GR becomes a complete installation for generating high-quality compressed air.

The new full version of the GR compressor is a complete and efficient compressor system and is intended for usage requiring high-pressure air.


* All elements, no special foundations
* Screw element construction patented by Atlas Copco company
* Low rotor turns
* Available as units generating air under pressure 13 and 20 bars
* Full version of GR compressor
* In-built drier using the gas refrigerant R404
* Noise level: 72-78 dB (A)
* No oil pump
* Very efficient cooling system
* Effective oil separation system (oil remainings at the level of 3 ppm)
* Direct flange-type driving motor IP-55
* Operating with the use of Elektronikon system
* Service available worldwide


* Easy and quick installation
* No additional costs of installation works
* Effective in usage requiring high pressure
* Proven reliability
* Smaller forces affecting the bearings mean an increased life, lower fatigue and reduction of maintenance works
* Suitable for usage requiring high pressures
* In-built drier ensuring a high quality of the generated air
* Reduced surface requirements and installation costs
* Refrigerant R404 meets the environment protection norms
* Silent work, no disturbances of the surrounding
* No necessity to use an additional source of power, lower fatigue and maintenance needs
* No condensate in the system, greater life of the oil, low temperature of the compressed air at the outlet
* Low oil usage, better quality of the compressed air
* No losses in the gear, leaktightness, effective energy saving, greater life
* Simple monitoring and control, reduced maintenance, economical operation and support
* Qualified and experienced service engineers available on the phone

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