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[Poland]Milwaukee Kango 9OO demolishing hammer

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• Cutting / smashing concrete, walls, bricks or asphalt
• Making in mesh fraying of walls
• Cleaning / scraping of floors (removing plaster, mortar or heavy deposits, wastes from hard floors).
• Compressing contrete, aggregate or soil
• Shaking
• Dry compressing
• Digging frozen soil, clay, chalk, gravel for foundations, graves, etc.
• Introducing earth electrodes

Milwaukee Kango 95O Multi-functional hammer

the same as Milwaukee Kango 900 and:

• Drilling with the use of TCT cores (up to 150 mm)
• Drilling of ports for PVC pipes, air conditioning ventilation holes, ventilation holes for driers etc..
• Drilling for gas, water, heating pipes, outlets of furnaces, outflows of sewage, drainage etc.
• Drilling of holes with the use of solid drills (28-50 mm)
• Holes for big anchors, fences, reinforcement bars etc.
• Drilling with point bead
• Drilling with the use of tunnel drills (up to 80 mm)

Wave energy: 27 joules
The biggest in its class!

Wave energy of 27 joules for making unparalleled drilling and smashing – thanks to the combination of operating results of a very heavy hammer beater (450 g) and a high beating speed (36 km/h).

1600 W/ 1700 W
The best in its class performance and engine efficiency were gained thanks to optimal technical conditions of winding and using the best available engine elements.
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