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[Poland]Combustion demolishing hammer Cobra Mk1

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Each element of the new Cobra mk1 was designed with attention to the ergonomy, operator’s health and the environment. With its new system of vibration muffling and an engine meeting the world’s strictest requirements regarding exhaus fumes cleanliness, Cobra mk1 is undoubtedly the combustion demolishing hammer with the greatest in the market wave energy.

Stronger wave
Cobra mk1 hits harder and more quickly than any other combustion hammer. Its wave energy, 60 J, fully reflects the energy of middle-class pneumatic or hydraulic hammers.

Full flexibility
With the hammer’s compact body, small weight, lack of hoses and other equipment, the user can quickly get to the place of work, without the need of transporting heavy and big compressors or supply units.

Easy start-up
Regardless of whether the machine is hot or cold, whether the surrounding temperature is high or low, the operator can use some simple rules of an easy start-up.

Vibration muffling system
The European Community has established a critical value of vibration at the level of 2,5 m/s2. So far no demolishing hammer was able to meet these requirements. The new Cobra easily meets this norm thanks to its patented vibration muffling system. We guarantee that you will feel this difference.

A wide choice of tools
A wide choice of accessories for Cobra mk1 hammer makes it a machine which can be used for many tasks, such as: demolishing, breakstone tamping, asphalt cutting, condensing, digging, driving pipes, bars.

Environment friendly hammer
The engine meets the world’s strictest requirements regarding harmful exhaust humes emission. Moreover, new oil Atlas Copco was designed for two-stroke engines, comparable with the best oils used in motor sports. It ensures a better lubrication than conventional oils, at the same time reducing the emission of hydrocarbons and carbon deposit harmful for engines.

It is enough to start the new Cobra mk1 in order to make sure how much less exhaust fumes and smoke the engine emits.
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