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[Poland]Generator driven by a high-pressure engine

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Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
Engine power: High-pressure engine produced by DETROIT DIESEL/MTU, series 2000 QAC 1000-1006
3-phase voltage 400 V (50 Hz) - 480 V (60 Hz)
Technology: Generator driven by a high-pressure engine QAC 1000-1006
Power scope: 900 to 1125 kVA, 720 to 900 kW PRP

Portable generators developed by Atlas Copco company, series QAC are reliable, placed in special containers units for producing electric power.

Thanks to a well-designed construction generators QAC can be placed in any place in the workshop. These units withstand even the hardest conditions. They are driven by excellent, reliable high-pressure engines, and their equipment includes synchronous brushless generators.

All generating units QAC are designed in such a way that they meet or exceed international technical recognition conditions, including ISO 8528 norms, and also meet the safety and environment protection norms applicable in the EU. All generating units of Atlas Copco company are tested with special attention to working in even the hardest conditions.


* Designed with special attention to a low fuel usage
* Synchronous brushless generator
* Perfect muffling
* Designed with attention to safety
* All generators QAC are protected by protection devices
* Four-polar automatic switch which breaks the circuit in case of overload
* emergency stop switch
* automatic switching off the engine, ensuring its protection
* Reliable and durable construction, at the same time it is compact
* Low exhaust fumes emission


* Generators QAC are equipped with perfect, economical engines and cooling fans with a stageless drive
* Minimalization of fatigue and maintenance
* Generators QAC are characterized by a perfect construction and an effective muffling, which ensures their quiet work. All generating units QAC can be used near hospitals, schools and other places which have restrictions regarding noise.
* Resque
* No risk of a accidental contact with endings
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Model/Article number:QAC 1000-1006
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