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[Poland]Two-stage screw compressor with oil injection GR 110-200

Pressure: 13 to 20 bars Technology: Two-stage screw compressors with oil injection GR 110-200 Capacity: 211 to 442 l/s, 447 to 937 feet/min Engine power: 110 to 200 kW Compressors series GR110-200 are two-stage screw compressors with oil injection, designed for using the air of a higher pressure in the scope from 13 to 20 bars. With the two-stage construction, the low and high pressure sensors are located on the gearbox driven by an electric engine TEFC (protection IP-55, insulation class[...]


[Poland]Generator driven by a high-pressure engine

Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz Engine power: High-pressure engine produced by DETROIT DIESEL/MTU, series 2000 QAC 1000-1006 3-phase voltage 400 V (50 Hz) - 480 V (60 Hz) Technology: Generator driven by a high-pressure engine QAC 1000-1006 Power scope: 900 to 1125 kVA, 720 to 900 kW PRP Portable generators developed by Atlas Copco company, series QAC are reliable, placed in special containers units for producing electric power. Thanks to a well-designed construction generators QAC can be placed[...]


[Poland]Milwaukee Kango 9OO demolishing hammer

Usage: • Cutting / smashing concrete, walls, bricks or asphalt • Making in mesh fraying of walls • Cleaning / scraping of floors (removing plaster, mortar or heavy deposits, wastes from hard floors). • Compressing contrete, aggregate or soil • Shaking • Dry compressing • Digging frozen soil, clay, chalk, gravel for foundations, graves, etc. • Introducing earth electrodes Milwaukee Kango 95O Multi-functional hammer Usage: the same as Milwaukee Kango 900 and: • Drilling[...]


[Poland]Combustion demolishing hammer Cobra Mk1

COBRA MK1 Each element of the new Cobra mk1 was designed with attention to the ergonomy, operator’s health and the environment. With its new system of vibration muffling and an engine meeting the world’s strictest requirements regarding exhaus fumes cleanliness, Cobra mk1 is undoubtedly the combustion demolishing hammer with the greatest in the market wave energy. Stronger wave Cobra mk1 hits harder and more quickly than any other combustion hammer. Its wave energy, 60 J, fully reflects[...]


[Poland]Portable screw compressors

The answer to these needs is the series of XAS and XAHS compressors, designed according to the strictest construction requirements. The Atlas Copco company is the provider of one-fourth of all portable compressors in the world, each of which was designed and produced in such a way that they meet various usage. The workers working with road and public works, municipal services, companies dealing with sandblasting or renting inform us of specific needs, changing oparation ways and new technologies. The[...]


[Poland]Atlas Copco and Sandvik machines and devices

Screw compressors, series GA produced by Atlas Copco Absolute reliability: Designed and produced according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 norms, GA 30-90 C compressors meet all the industrial expectations of the highest quality standards. All the units are produced in accordance with ISO 1217 norms, ed.3, Annex C-1996. High efficiency: The compressor is equipped with one of its kind screw element patented by Atlas Copco, an efficient driving system and an intelligent operating system, ensuring first-class[...]